Care of your Backpod™

The Backpod™ itself consists of a strong polycarbonate core (the transparent blue inner part)
with a cushioning hypoallergenic synthetic rubber outer layer (the flexible apple-green part).

The inner core is sculpted to stretch your spine when you lie back on the Backpod™ and
the cushioning outer layer is there to make this comfortable enough. The Backpod™ is immensely strong –
we’ve driven a BMW over one to test it for Europe and a Jeep Cherokee to test it for the USA.
The Backpod™ was fine both times. So we don’t think it’s going to break when anyone lies on it, and we think it will last for many, many years.

Any dust or fluff on the outer green layer can usually be brushed or wiped off with a dry tea-towel or bath towel.
More resistant dust or fluff may need wiping off with a warm, damp sponge or towel.

Any oils, such as massage oil or perspiration, should be wiped off as the residue may reduce the life of the green synthetic rubber outer layer. Use a warm, damp sponge or towel, and also mild soap if necessary.

Do not wash the Backpod™ under a tap or submerge it in a sink or basin – the internal core may fill up with water.

Do not put the Backpod™ in the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine or oven.

Do not remove the flexible green outer layer of the Backpod™ as bending it backwards may possibly cause internal cracks in the synthetic rubber.

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