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The Backpod® is a practical New Zealand innovation for treating upper back and neck pain.  It is especially effective for the very common hunched, tightened upper back which drives most neck pain and headache.  Statistically, most people will get this problem sometime; one in six people have it right now; and everyone knows someone who is stooped and sore - especially working over a laptop.

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The Backpod® and its home care programme were developed by a New Zealand physiotherapist with 30 years’ experience in treating back and neck pain.  The videos show the simple exercises, massage, stretch and posture techniques found most effective to care for your upper back and neck at home.

The Backpod® is a stand-alone home treatment device and programme.  It also helps and enhances existing treatment from doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals.

The Backpod also has specific uses in opposing the twist in mild scoliosis and loosening restricted rib (costovertebral) joints, which are commonly tight in asthma and also drive most costochondritis.

Please read and follow  manual and guide lines !

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Here an interesting video from Ismael Cala about correct position

How to use videos:

Why you have neck and upper back pain

How to use the backpod®

The most useful stretch for your neck

How to strengthen our middle back muscles at home

How to strengthen neck muscles at home

Neck posture made easy

The single most useful neck massage

Neck massage lying on your side (upper trapezius)

How to mobilise a tight sacroiliac joint with the Backpod®

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